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    The lightness of cotton and the possibility to deform it, have inspired the aesthetic characters of this project. Cotton: double firing line, white body, wall tile; produced using selected raw materials and exquisite glazes, bringing the colours of this collection to life and never granted. There are two versions of Cotton range: plain, white coloured, a matt surface can be alternated with a glossy surface; waved (only glossy finishing) where every centimetre of surface, ever different, alters irregular strokes, almost inflated, with others slimmer, changing again, never definitely and ever casual.

    The different mouldings makes every tile apparently unique, individual, guaranteeing a movement of surfaces original and attractive. Playing with colours, using vivid tones, but also the possibility of using softer shades, in various finishing, integrating perfectly with the surroundings. Colour games through bright colours, with the possibility of using softer colours, in different finishes that perfectly integrate with the space that surrounds them. Double-fired line, white body, for coating. Made of selected raw materials and precious enamels, which make the colors of this collection alive and never discounted.

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