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Kiesel - Servoperl royal


Interior, Exterior, Wall, Floor and Swimming Pool Grout

– Does not require sealing

– High durability and abrasion resistance

– For Residential & Commercial application

– Crack & Shrink resistant

– Mold and mildew Resistant

– Color accurate and Efflorescence Free

– For 1-10 mm joint widths

– Increased Resistance to acids & alkaline solutions

– High resistance to household cleaning agents

– Water and dirt repellent (hydrophobic)

– Universal formula for walls and floors

– Safe usage at cold temperatures

– Suitable for floor heating

– For absorbent coverings

– Open to light traffic after 6 hours

– For interior, exterior and submerged applications


Product Description

Kiesel ServoPerl Royal Grout is a high-strength, flexible, stain-resistant, cement-based grout with ease-of-use installation, smooth finish and longevity at its core. Kiesel grout is the only grout that is both a mold resistant grout, stain resistant grout and mildew resistant grout – in one. In addition, Kiesel grout does not require sealing, is crack and shrink resistant and dries to almost 5000 PSI – which is harder than a standard cement floor in a high-traffic warehouse.

With Kiesel grout installed, you will not need to worry about which household cleaner you use to clean the floors, as Kiesel grout has a very high resistance to household cleaning agents.

Kiesel grout is chemically engineered to be color accurate, efflorescence free and fast-setting, making it open to light traffic after just 6 hours – these engineered characteristics help avoid the ‘washing-out’ of joints during installation.

ServoPerl Royal grout can be used in both residential and commercial applications – over standard and heated floors, and is suitable for submerged applications, like swimming pools.

Truly a one grout, suits all, solution.

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