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    Acquarella pays homage to clay and its natural and timeless beauty. Through it, we can rediscover the charm of handcrafted shapes and textures and combine them with a contemporary touch. With a small and manageable format, its versatility allows its pieces to be placed in different ways, adapting to any need and decorative style. If you are looking for an option that blends tradition and modernity with customization, Acquarella is the perfect choice to bring your projects to real life.

    There are materials that will never go out of fashion, especially if we are talking about ceramics, clay, one of the oldest elements used by man and in art.

    Although this material has traditionally been present in rustic settings, we can also find it in more contemporary spaces, in combination with other finishes. The secret of its success? Its timeless beauty, the result of a naturalness without limits.

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