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    • Few legends of the new world are as enduring as the lost city of El Dorado.  For centuries, conquistadors and European explorers such as Sir Walter Raleigh sailed across the Atlantic, searching Central and South America in vain for the legendary “City of Gold”.
    • Search no more.  The tile design team at MDTA intensely studied the rich artistic and architectural heritage of this vast region to produce its latest series, EL DORADO. The result is a porcelain tile that perfectly captures both the beauty and the legend of this mythical, magical city.
    • Using its exclusive Dynamic HD Imaging technology, MDTA’s new EL DORADO series perfectly captures the rich dark browns and hearty gold tones seen in the native designs, jewelry and architecture of the Central American region.  Manufactured in the 12” x 12” format for easy installation, EL DORADO is also offered with bullnose and mosaic sheets, and  is the perfect choice for any design motif that seeks to capture the essence of this jewel of the new world. 
    • To complete the design package, MDTA also offers 6 unique deco tiles called INCA. These bold and inspired original designs are packaged separately, and can be mixed with EL DORADO, or installed as its own unique field tile. The 6 INCA decos are printed with random graphic backgrounds, resulting in a perfect blend when installed on floors or walls. Made in the USA, EL DORADO and INCA decos are available for immediate distribution - the latest series from the design experts at MDTA.
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