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    From the great art and sculpture works of Michelangelo to the modern musical creations of Gershwin, genius never goes out of style. And today, MDTA re-creates nature's genius and delivers the look of classic, vein-cut travertine like never before with its new porcelain tile series, Forum.

    Beautiful travertine marbles have been in demand for centuries. Forum utilizes MDTA's Dynamic HD Imaging™ design technology to deliver this eternal look like its never been seen before in a porcelain tile product. The Forum series is manufactured in a 12"x24" format that perfectly highlights the rich veining and warm tones of classic Roman Travertine.

    Forum is available in three classic designer colors, Silver, Cappuccino and Ivory to suit the most elegant tastes. And to further set the series apart, MDTA makes Forum available with three styles of sheet-mounted mosaics, and available bullnose trim. The look of Roman Travertine has never been more beautifully reproduced. The Forum series takes nature's genius to an all- new leve

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