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    Echoes from the past, of a 1930s New York, and brought back to, to enhance HIGH LINE, where the beauty of the aged stone is reworked in this elegant, unusual ceramic product. Offering technology and style, this ceramic lines features a range of colour options that will lend an urban edge to any interior, while maintaining the warmth of the most intimate of spaces.

    The “slate” natural stone is the inspiration for the HIGH LINE collection, so sophisticated and elegant but at the same time strong and warm. High technology made possible to create elaborate graphics and chromatic features that reflect the effect of the natural passage of time on stones. Thanks to warm colors, with the HIGH LINE collection the spaces are elegant and unusual.

    Complex colouring and purity of matter lend Madison stone unique vitality.

    The contrasting shades of Liberty offer style, design, and practicality in sophisticated urban solutions.

    With the beauty and intensity of shades of grey recreating the allure of worn stone, Chelsea combines a contemporary vibe with traces of the past.

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