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    A very unusual collection which interprets concrete as used in street furnishing.‎ The effect is that of a concrete poured onto an uneven paving and then brushed to create random, uneven yet tasteful patterns.‎ Severe, sober concrete has been twinned with paper, a completely different material, with an original pattern and two shades toning with the concrete colours.‎ The new feature of the Paper collection is that paper is viewed from a vertical perspective.‎ The random, untidy accumulation of heaps of sheets, magazines, books and cards creates a striking original decorative effect.‎ The Paper collection can be used both as a decorative feature for concrete, creating innovative, sophisticated interior designs, and also as a highly original floor covering, fitting into the most experimental trends in contemporary architecture.‎ The combination of materials is the basis for innovative, sophisticated design schemes of a kind never seen before.‎

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