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This product is pure porcelain clay, forged under intense heat and pressure creating the diamond-like durability that is impervious to staining, fading, and scratching. SintQuartz porcelain stone, with surface designs that perfectly mimic the beauty of nature and unmatched design versatility. This is the ideal residential and commercial surface solution. 

Large format porcelain products are available in 5 thicknesses: 3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 20mm.

Porcelain stone for every application: Floors, walls, counters, furniture & more!

Take a walk on the wild side with the finishes in Esotico Collection or create a sophisticated urban style where metropolitan and industrial atmospheres converge to form elegant inviting spaces with the finishes from our Metalli Collection.

Whether interior or exterior, transform your project with SintQuartz porcelain stone products.

The materials in Naturale Bianco Collection are reproductions of the finest white marbles that mimic the depth and wealth of detail and veining patterns of these precious natural resources.

Forged In Fire For Diamond-Like Durability.

DURABLE. In a process known as “sintering”, pure porcelain clay is subjected to extreme heat and intense pressure to form sintered porcelain stone — a stable, incredibly dense porcelain that is absolutely impervious to staining, fading, and scratching. As durable as a diamond, the large format slabs are ideal surface solutions for even the most demanding home and commercial environments.


Natural Beauty. Much More Than Skin Deep.

BEAUTIFUL. Our surface designs are actually fused directly into the porcelain material during the latter stages of the sintering process — effectively making the design an integral part of the stone. The design treatments take on all the subtleties, variations, and beauty of nature to perfectly mimic their stone, wood, and metal counterparts. And their beauty won’t degrade, fade, or discolor in the sun.


Stunning Design Options. Limited Only By Your Imagination.

VERSATILE. The large format slabs and the range of material thicknesses of SintQuartz mean your ideas can now easily become stunning realities. Counters, backsplashes, walls, floors, shower enclosures, tub surrounds — anything you can imagine — can be fabricated in SinterClad with amazing results.

No Sealing. No Waxing. No Worries.

LOW MAINTENANCE. Now you don’t have to worry about the red wine at your next dinner party, or when you last sealed your floors. Those concerns are a thing of the past. SintQuartz is a nearly no maintenance surface solution. Just clean and care for it like you would porcelain tile. Clean with a damp cloth or scrub with your normal household cleanser. No worries.

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